Policy and Process

July 1, 2017 thru June 30, 2018 Rental Date availability

Meany Main stage:   Currently only limited December 2017 & June 2018 availability;  No rentals during Fall, Winter, & Spring UW Academic Quarters
Meany Studio Theatre is NOT available for rental.

Steps for Renting

Contact the Meany Hall Fiscal Specialist, James Fesalbon jfesal@uw.edu, 206-616-8183.  Please provide your date request, organization name, contact name, phone number, and type of event.
The Managing Director Rita Calabro will contact you to discuss the details of your event (type of event, event schedule, production needs, ticketing plan).
First time renters: References and a cost estimate for your event provided by Meany Hall are required prior to starting the confirmation process. Once references have been checked and you have signed & reviewed the estimate, you may proceed with following confirmation process.
Rental clients who have previously rented at Meany Hall: once you have discussed the event with and received approval from the Managing Director you may begin the confirmation process.

  1.  Complete the Request for Use of University Facilities (RUUF). The purpose of the RUUF is to ensure that all facilities are reserved primarily for educational use including, but not limited to instruction, research, public assembly, student activities and recreational activities related to educational use. This form also requires approval from a University department, Dean, Director or Chair (requires name and email in Box 11 and 12 of form).
  2. Receive approval notice of your RUUF request via email. 
  3. Read, sign, and send in the 2017 ⁄ 18 Rental Agreement and deposit check ($500 deposit for each date reserved) to:  Rita Calabro, Rental Director, University of Washington, Box 351150, Seattle, WA 98195-1150

**Your dates are confirmed ONLY after all above steps have been completed. If the above steps have not been completed by due date, you may lose your requested dates **